You Will Believe

The Emerald Wizard

Seattle's Party Friendly Green Wizard

Serving Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

He's so mysterious...  He reads ancient runes to view your distant past....  He sees your future from within his obsidian orb...  and he learns your deepest and most...  intimate... secrets... with the power of plentiful magical smoke...  Yes, The Emerald Wizard practices the dark art of ritual smoke scrying...  

He's The Emerald Wizard. 

He is so mystical and magical.  

Really.  He is.

About The Emerald Wizard...  Wizard...  Gnome.  Santa.  Dan & Elise are fun and entertaining characters and promotional models available for your varied needs ranging from family friendly fun to more mature oriented work.  Professional, tactful, charming and more, the pair work the Pacific Northwest and are available now to help promote your next party or event.

Elise - Mother Nature, Mrs Claus, Ms Gnomer and more, Background in outreach. community media and education.

Dan - Wizard, Gnome,Olde Fisherman, Santa & More.  Background in sales, business development and marketing.

Clients include Suzuki, Ben Bridge, The International Motorcycle Show, Pinnacle Properties, Motif, Oskars, Hilton, Brickhouse, Car Toys, Spinderella, Ballard Brothers, City Of Seattle, Seattle Faerie Festival, The Snohomish Pumpkin Hurl, Sand Blast and a bunch more.  We're honored to to work for such fun and interesting clients.  Truly.

Coming New for 15 - Emcee Cap Hill Pride Fest!  Guest at Dope Mag's Dope Cup and Emcee / Host of Wash. County Weed Challenge.  VIP @ Zero Opening.  Seattle's cool new cannabis club...  The Wiz will be there!  More in the works.

We volunteer in support of Hempfest, as well as fund raising for some animal rescue teams and we do some fun events in support of Seattle's homeless population.  

We also have a lot of really neat families and groups that we're proud to serve during the year at parties, visits, reunions, weddings and more.  We're pretty proud of our client base.  Its really neat.  We're lucky to call so many fun folks our friends in business.

Contact us at

or call 206 - 718 - 7237 and ask for "The Wiz..."

The Emerald Wizard is the official "really high wizard" of The Marijuana Information Network.

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